Stephen Hebert is the right choice for DWI defense

Driving While Intoxicated is a very serious criminal charge. The right attorney for a an individual facing a DWI charge can make a significant difference in the outcome for the accused. Since July 2010, Stephen Hebert has proven himself as an expert in criminal defense in the New Orleans area. The numerous positive verdicts secured by this distinguished attorney is too many to mention.

For the seventh consecutive year, Stephen Hebert has been awarded the Louisiana Super Lawyers recognition for his outstanding work.

Stephen Hebert is experienced in fighting DWI charges. His plan of attack is systematic. Initially, he  examines the intricacies of the charges made against his client. The purpose of this extensive examination is  to search for common discrepancies  and any weaknesses in the case that may prove beneficial for his client. In some instances, there are flaws in drunk-driving cases. Generally, the police officer is required to have probable cause or a good reason to pull a vehicle over to question individuals’ sobriety. However, Stephen will attempt to suppress any evidence obtained by the officer when he stopped the vehicle without probable cause.

Another common possible weakness which this attorney will examine and possibly challenge is blood alcohol content (BAC) results which may not be reliable or accurate.  Because, the prosecution generally bases his entire case on the BAC, this attorney will carefully scrutinize testing equipment, the testing process, and the training of the test administrator, and any discrepancies in the testimony of the officer. In any event, Mr. Hebert will negotiate for a favorable plea deal for a reduced charges or acquittal.

Mr. Hebert understands the importance of taking immediate action because the law only allows 15 days for him to request a administrative hearing to attempt to save your license. One potential consequence of a DWI charge is incarceration which may result in result in  job loss, reduction in income as well as the emotional impact on the family. In Louisiana, first offense DWI conviction is usually considered a misdemeanor but with serious penalties which may include ten days to six months in jail with possibly  two years probation, and fines up to one thousand dollars, and license suspension.

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